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8 am - 12 am Sunday through Wednesday

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The Potlatch Gift Shop is located in the smoke-free section. We offer coffee, ice cream and espresso inside the Gift Shop. You can order from our convenient walk-up window. Treat yourself with a trip to the Potlatch Gift Shop.

The Salish cultures of the Pacific Northwest, from California to Alaska, traditionally observed potlatches. Potlatches were gift-giving festivals in which the host gave gifts to all the attendees as a means of redistributing wealth and gaining prestige. A potlatch could be given for special life events, such as the naming of a baby, the return of a youth from a Spirit Quest, the coming out of ferns or the return of the salmon to spawn. Families sometimes spent months preparing gifts, which could include crafts, food stuffs or even blankets and horses. Usually the events included dancing, competitive games and feasting.

At Nisqually Red Wind Casino, this long-cherished ceremony lends its name to the Potlatch GIft Shop, in honor of gift-giving among the Nisqually people.



12 oz Top of Da Morning Latte • $2.50


25% OFF FOR MILITARY AND SENIORS All active and retired military with valid military ID, and Seniors 55 + with valid ID receive 25% off at the Potlatch Gift Shop. Not valid with any other offer or discount. Gift shop discounts exclude tobacco and sundries.

Turn your Club Red points to cash to use on your next purchase! See Club Red for more details.

Cinnamon Bark Regular Wax Pottery Vessel

Cinnamon Bark Wax Pottery Vessel from Habersham Candle Company is now available in the Potlatch Gift Shop.

What is wax pottery? It is a static air freshener. That means there is no need for burning, plugging in or flipping reeds to activate a fragrance. It is often referred to as "Home Fragrance without a Flame". Simply remove from its gift box packaging, place on a protective surface such as an easel or saucer to prevent fragrance oil staining and enjoy! The fragrance gently scents your room, while the decorative shape and beautiful design delights your eye.

The spicy fragrances of cinnamon bark and clove are crushed into a woodsy green base of fir, balsam, spruce and pine needles. A natural perfect blend of spicy and green!

Come check this out along with the other scents available at the Potlatch Gift Shop!