Keno is a game that’s all about the numbers. Keno jackpots go all the way up to $50,000. Red Wind Casino features Keno $1.50 Game Specials and Jackpot Specials, and different game options include Sweet Sixteen, The Edge, Top/Bottom and Left/Right. If you’ve got your lucky numbers, bring them down to Red Wind Casino and try your luck!

Keno Lounge Hours
9 am to 1 am every day


Ready to Get Wild?

Wild Wind Keno
Wild Wind Keno is tornado speed fast, with 100 games drawn per round approximately every half hour. A minimum purchase of 10 games per each 100 game round is required, and the minimum buy-in will be 50 cents a game on a straight Keno wager. For players who purchase 100 games or more, the special minimum buy-in will be either 10 cents or 25 cents per game.

Speed Keno

It's Fast and it's Fun!
Speed Keno is available every Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 1 pm. The advantage of Speed Keno is you can win multiple jackpots in record time. Speed Keno plays a new Keno game about every 3 minutes, so you can play a minimum of 20 games in about an hour's time. All tickets and all wagers are welcome. Think you're fast enough to play? There's only one way to find out!

Progressive Keno

PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT IS AT $54,470 and growing!

Progressive Keno pays when 8 of 8 are hit. Tickets are $1.25 a game.

Play Keno 24/7

All single to twenty game tickets are good for 30 days!*
*From date of purchase.


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